By creating video content that leaves a deeper impression, and doing it in a way that saves you time and effort

The thing about video...

You know video is the best way to raise your business profile and build trust.  

You need it to reach the people who will help you to grow –  your best clients and talent. 

You need it… but you don’t need the stress that comes with it. 

I'll help.

The Richest Conversations are for two kinds of people:

Marketers under pressure to produce more video with less. You’re tired of chasing colleagues and clients for articles and testimonials. But if you don’t, your website gets stale and misses the chance to warm leads.      

Leaders under pressure to be on video. You want your target audiences to get to know you.  But you’re not sure what to say, or confident saying it. And if you do nothing, you’re letting your business (and your marketing colleagues) down. 

Either way, you’re fed up with feeling bad.

Love a smarter way to create good content? That saves everyone time and effort?

My approach – recording video conversations remotely – is shaped by my BBC and business careers. I call them ‘The Richest Conversations’. Because when you record short chats using live broadcasting techniques you get:

  • Content with real warmth. It stays with your audience long after they’ve clicked away. Memorable and authentic marketing, that builds trust.

  • Content that’s relevant, because the conversations focus on what your viewers want to know the most. They’ll value you, and buy into you, faster.

  • Content in bulk: a wealth of quotable moments in a surprisingly short amount of time. Think 5 to 10 video clips – with transcripts – in the space of 15 minutes.

  • Content that cuts the hard work: go into the conversation with the mindset that ‘the microphone’s live’, and you’re more likely to do things in one take. Which slashes recording times AND the editing hassle afterwards.

How does that feel now?

Ready to make the whole video thing easier and more efficient? 

Enjoyable, even?

Why I know this works

‘The Richest Conversations’ are the result of my BBC and business careers. 

I’ve been leading chats like these for 35+ years.   

My work on Radio 4 programmes – including Woman’s Hour and Desert Island Discs – proved to me that people come across at their best when they’re in the flow of a relaxed conversation. 

Audiences warm to their feelings as well as their words. 

Since 2011, I’ve used that experience to help organisations capture the stories of their leaders, teams and clients – producing content that gets buy-in, because it has the warmth and energy of a live broadcast. 

And that’s why I’m creating a range of courses and programmes to help you make the most of conversations like these,  as I did with Julia Chanteray. (Watch Julia in a moment.)  

Click on any of the boxes below to see how chats will become marketing multi-taskers for you. 

And scroll to the end to find out about The Richest Pickings and The Richest Cuts - coming your way this spring.

Over to Julia:


"I've got all this marketing material. If I play my cards - my videos - right, it will make me £300,00 to £500,000. I like that!"

Start your Richest Conversations right now. Choose from:

Coming in the spring of 2024

The Richest Pickings for marketers: a programme that gives you advanced interviewing and narrative skills. It will help you unearth the stories that will set your organisation apart, bringing them to life on video, through the voices of your colleagues, clients and volunteers.  

Think of it as the Richest form of CPD: Conversational Professional Development.  😊 

The Richest Cuts: a series of short guides, to help you edit the videos you record. Simple, need-to-know stuff, which keeps the tech to a minimum.

They'll be with you by March 2024, ready to take you to a better place in the spring, and beyond.   

And if you'd love regular tips on...

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